Name Game

25 Jan 2018

Paws enjoyed a sunny and calm day on Tuesday. Wanted to redo the temporary repairs we did on the Mainsail in Spanish Cay so with the help of our friend Steve on “S/V Take Me There”,  we unfurled the sail out of the Mast and stuffed her in her bag for the trip to a Loft on Man-O-War Cay a few islands south.  After lowering her in the RIB (dinghy) with the spinnaker halyard, we thought we were in for a ride but negotiated with Lewis, a local resident to run her over there in his runabout.   Hope to have her back by early next week.

Now that we were in the clean waters of the Bahamas we decided to un-pickle the water-maker and fire her back up to replenish our supply.  The ability to make water is one of the major creature comforts we enjoy and allows us to be more sufficient when at anchor.  She generates about 30 GPH of fresh RO water.  Only drawback is now Admiral Joyce makes Capt. Brian take a shower almost every day.

Wednesday we awoke to a little bit of patchy fog and absolutely mirror glass water. Warm Front was passing thru with some widely scattered rain showers making for multiple rainbows.  One that looked to be within a few miles of where we were anchored seemed to come all the way down to the surface of the water and was breathtaking.

We enjoyed lunch at the Bluff House on Green Turtle and met an interesting couple on “S/V Flying Pig”, a Morgan 461 who spends the winter here every year and runs the local Cruising Net.  A good source of local knowledge. They have eight Kids and 17 grandkids, sounds like they have knowledge about a lot of things.

Afterwards we went exploring in the dinghy. Riding along the shore and out thru the Cut between Crab Cay and Fiddle Cay. Thought about getting in the water but the current suggested that maybe it wasn’t the wisest course of action. Both of these small Cays are deserted and look like great spot for a beach bonfire.  Might just do that later in the week.  We drifted around the grass flats looking for conch but didn’t see anything.  We’re going to have to break out the mask and fins and get serious.  Some folks on a nearby boat “S/V Cabbie” bought up a couple of Hog Nose Snapper with a pole spear.

Just so you don’t think life is perfect, we are having to deal with a few flies.  I guess the Pawsitive side of that is it really improves the Hand/Eye coordination chasing them with a swatter.

We decided we need a name for the Dinghy.  Looking for suggestions – right now were thinking “Paws 2”,  “Tiger Cub”,  “Dinghy There” , “Chaps”…..

 Joyce and Brian Clark

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2 thoughts on “Name Game

  1. This is just wonderful! I now go to Facebook just to look up The Sage S/V Pawsitive Latitudes adventures. I can’t say the same for Josh but I toward them to him.
    Keep enjoying!
    Jennifer and Josh

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Mayhem”
    Or “Into Mayhem”
    Or “Ditzy Dinghy”
    Or “Dingy Dinghy” (homophone, meaning silly, not dirty)
    Or “Hunky Dory” (dory = small boat)
    But I like Tiger Cub too.

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