“Wasting away” in Green Turtle Cay

Paws weathered a fresh breeze on the hook near Spanish Cay and then awoke the next morning for a short relaxing sail to Green Turtle Cay along with a buddy boat “S/V Take Me There”.  Saw a namesake Loggerhead on the way in confirming we were headed in the right direction.   The crew on the buddy boat was a very interesting couple about our age.  He was in the 82nd Airborne and has lots of stories about his 31 years of Service and she has a PHD in Behavioral Science and loves to cook – makes fantastic homemade bread.

Their 5 foot draft allowed them to go into the harbor but we ended up anchored about ½ mile out from New Plymouth Settlement due to shallow waters around the island and took the dinghy in to wander thru the town and try some island treats.  The place was swarming with multicolored cats.  We stopped by Macintosh Restaurant and Bakery for lunch – hope that really was a Grouper sandwich we had…..   Met some locals that gave us a ride around the island in the main means of transportation – golf carts.  Not too many hills but enough that it was certainly appreciated and a great way to tour.

Heard about a “local” that mixes up the “de bestest Conch Salad on de hole Island mon” right at the town dock. Unfortunately he was nowhere to be found. Apparently not the best time of year for conch.  We haven’t been in the water yet but that might change over the next day or two as the weather and wind are supposed to be mild.

Paws is having a little issue with her fuel injection pump and the decision was made to send it off to Ft Lauderdale to get it checked out and rebuilt so we will be here for at least another 4 to 6 days.  We decided to relocate to the NW side of the island this morning in anticipation of a strong Easterly wind building on Thursday evening that will last thru sometime Saturday.  Plan to continue south after that front passes by and we get the pump re-installed.

Thanks for all the great comments! Keep them coming.

Joyce and Brian Clark

The Saga of S/V Pawsitive Latitude

5 thoughts on ““Wasting away” in Green Turtle Cay

  1. Those pineapple drinks look so good. I was wondering why your dot wasn’t moving on the map the last couple of days. How nice to be stranded in such a beautiful place. Rick left today to go skiing. I love your blog. Fran

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