Whale Cay Roller Coaster

Date: 2 February 2018

Location: Fishers Bay, Great Guana Cay, Abaco, Bahamas LAT 26° 40.065 LON 077° 07.410

Weather: Sunny, 74°, Light Wind NW 3 Knots

Friday last week found my crew pretty much hunkered down on the boat due to a fresh breeze out of the South. Good day for them to do a few boat projects that included working on the plumbing, the water tanks and sump pump. Sailing life is not perfect all the time but a reliable source of water and working pumps are a good thing…. After a full day in the bilge, The Admiral worked her magic whipping up a great meal of onions, pork stir fried rice and green beans. A well fed crew is also a good thing…..

Saturday we launched “Sea Tigger“ and the crew headed to shore for lunch at The Wrecking Tree (great place if you ever find yourself in Green Turtle) – real chicken steaming hot when it reached the table with the requisite serving of rice and peas along with a great drink known as the Wrecker (rum and juice of course). Then off for a few provisions which, to the Captains delight, included a ½ gallon of Praline and Pecan Ice Cream. $10 bucks made the Admiral think about it twice but after some groveling and pleading from the Captain she must have decided he was worth it (or was it just to shut him up…..) A walk around town for a little exercise and back to Paws for a movie (the Captain had to tolerate a real serious chick flick as payback for the ice cream).

Got our Mainsail back from the Loft on Sunday (via two ferry trips, a car ride, and a dinghy trip to the government docks) and with the help of our friends on “Take Me There”. Once again we got her back on (in) the Mast where she belongs. Feels much better having maneuverability should we need to move. Not to mention after five days of a banging furling system against the inside of the mast The Admiral looked forward to spending a peaceful nights rest. We celebrated with supper at the Bluff House Marina in White Sound with a Grouper BLT and conch chowder (and of course some of Renee’s special Rum Punches). Getting to know the Island locals and their stories is really enjoyable and a interesting part of the adventure.

Departed Green Turtle on Tuesday for the sail south to Great Guana Cay and we find ourselves anchored in Fishers Bay. Made the trip thru a cut in the Reef known as “Whale Cay Cut” that leads out into open water. The Cut is about 100 meters wide and is notorious for an Ocean Swell breaking over the rocks, particularly in a NE to SE winds. Through the cut you find yourself on the lee shore of Whale Cay for about 2 miles. Today’s wind was out of the NNW and made for a fun, if short, passage. Came back inside the reef, slipped past Bakers Bay (fancy resort and $$ community on the North end of Great Guana) to our current anchorage in calm clear water.

Staying here for a few days waiting for the injector pump to clear customs in Freeport, and make then making the plane trip to Marsh Harbour. After the Captain gets it installed we’ll make a provisioning trip in Marsh Harbor in preparation for the passage south to Eleuthera and the northern Exumas.

Joyce and Brian Clark

S/V Pawsitive Latitude


+1 239 898 7646

Facebook – The Saga of S/V Pawsitive Latitude



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