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S/V Pawsitive Latitude started her Saga from West Palm Beach on 12 January heading East to the Bahamas. Enjoying a good Passage on smooth 6 to 8 seas in the Stream with SSE winds at 20 to 25 knots. Moving along nicely at 9 kts that quickly slowed to 5 when the stitching decided to separate from the clew on Mainsail. Luckily, the Genoa and Staysail took up the slack and did their job getting us the rest of the way across through the wind and drizzle. Around 0030, furled in the sails, put out the hook in the middle of the Little Bahama Bank and turned in for some rest.

Next morning, made temporary repairs to Mainsail and we were off towards Great Sail Cay in calm waters and light winds. Decided to continue on to Big Carter’s Cay.
Upon entering our anchorage, it was the engine that decided it was its turn not to cooperate. Dropped anchor and went below to investigate. Unable to immediately resolve the engine issue and turned in for the evening.

On Sunday we weighed anchor for a sail to Spanish Cay. A slight miscalculation by the Captain allowed us to view some of the most beautiful waters the Bahamas has to offer. We remained in the same exact location for 8 hours on one of the prettiest sandbars around waiting for the tide and wind, we finally slid off and continued onward. Around 0200, arrived near Spanish Cay Marina. Without the engine, we decided to stand off the island about a 1/2 mile in an exposed area and get some rest and wait for daylight. Around 0400, awoke to anchor alarm indicating that we were dragging. Let out more scope, and went back to bed.

Monday morning at dawn, we were able to tack in closer to shore to a more protected area in the anchorage. Enjoyed the day relaxing and catching up on some sleep. Currently holding tight with Snubber in place. Winds at 25 knots out of the North that are expect to ease off in the morning. Tomorrow will bring a Customs clearance and more engine troubleshooting.

12 thoughts on “First Blog

  1. Oh wow! You guys are having “experiences.” So glad you are expert sailors! Smooth sailing and lots of fun the remainder of your voyage. So good to hear from you. Didn’t know when you were beginning your journey.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. This is such an adventure for sure! Carter and I will try to join the crew at some point. I really like the calendar feature.


  3. Wonderful adventure you guys are starting. Hope the engine and mainsail are back online by now. When will you guys be around these waters? Let us know so we can come visit.

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