Patience Is The Word of the Month

Date: 4 March 2018

Location: STILL Anchored off Calcutta Creek, Marsh Harbor, Abaco, Bahamas LAT 26° 32.204 LON 077° 02.623

Weather: Cloudy, High 70’s, Windy NE 20 – 25 Knots

Been a while since my last Blog. The Captain has had a challenging few weeks dealing with my engine issues. He finally received my new HIU from Sweden and got it installed. Now with the Top Secret Highly Classified Vodia Diagnostic Tool to tell them what the real problem might be, the Service Tech announces that my “Flywheel Speed Sensor” is the culprit. And no he doesn’t have such an animal and is not sure if he can source one. After the Captain started hunting around, he was able to find a sensor at a Volvo truck dealer in Mississippi. The Captain got the part shipped to a friend in Charleston who in turn delivered it personally to them in Marsh Harbour.

But getting ahead of myself. Despite the challenges, we have enjoyed our four week stay in the Marsh Harbour area.

The Crew finally got The Cockpit Painting Project completed so it was time to take a break and go explore some. They visited Hope Town Community and enjoyed the great views from the top of the Lighthouse. (for you lighthouse/historical buffs – an interesting read). In the “It’s a Small World” category they met Claiborne and Mike Ryan on “M/V Karma”. They are from Mt Pleasant just outside Charleston. Turns out they are friends of The Admiral’s friend LuAnn Scruggs. Enjoyed lunch with them at “On The Beach” located on the Atlantic side of Elbow Cay featuring a wide open view of the ocean.

During our extended stay in Marsh Harbour the Crew got to visit several hardware stores to get odds and ends; made several provisioning trips to Maxwell’s, washed the heavy laundry items at the Marina, partook in several (ok – a lot of) Happy Hours both ashore and on neighboring boats.

I got brand new Lifelines made of Dyneema rope, some new shower sump pumps, my oil and fuel filters changed and my deck speakers replaced.

During my stay here my crew and I also developed lots of Patience but as the saying goes – there are worse places to be stuck in. We have continued to enjoy the sunny warm February weather. Heard it was snowing in Charlotte.

The biggest highlight of our time here was the arrival of my old roomy from Charleston. Daughter Karrie and the Captain’s friend Robert Youngblood. They came with bags packed with boat parts, supplies and accessories. So much that the Captain thought he might have to go bail them out of Customs jail. No need to worry, turns out that Robert’s smooth talking skills got them thru without any issues.

So, finally, after many weeks with only my sails for propulsion, they got my engine purring again. We had been anchored in the same spot so long that sea creatures got a foothold on my anchor rode. Felt great when the crew finally, on 1 March, weighed anchor and motor sailed over to nearby Man-O-War for a change of scenery and stage for a sail south. The plan was to depart the following day however after a final look at the weather, the Captain made the call to belay the trip and wait for more favorable winds. A strong cold front was working its way south from the mid Atlantic and would arrive in a few days so the “plan written in sand” got altered and we went to Abaco Beach Marina to wait it out.

We tucked in our slip between 3 Mega Yachts and felt like a lobster hiding in his hole. Blocked from the wind, no rocking, had shore power, and easy access to the bar. Sometimes being docked next to Mega Yachts has other perks. The crew on one of the yachts was flying back to Florida the following day and offered us their leftover provisions. Four bags of good stuff including chocolate and ice cream. Being in a marina is good on occasion and has some Pawsitive aspects. However, I still prefer to be swinging on the hook out behind an island or reef whenever prudent.

While in the marina we also enjoyed some time with new friends on “S/V Prix” hailing from Recife, Brazil. They shared some great stories and information encouraging us to take our time cruising the coast of Brazil and visit them when we were down there. The Admiral introduced them to Conch Salad and it was a hit with the Brazilian wine!

Since we were still close by and Karrie was still on board, the crew decided one last visit to Great Guana Cay and Sunday at Nippers was needed. The forecasted front arrived in all its glory and the ferry ride over in 25 to 30 knot winds was bouncy but dry. The place was pretty active as the traditional cruising season is fast approaching. They reported back to me that a fun day was had by all and they even found a little vegetable stand at the ferry dock selling tomatoes. $3 each but they were delicious.

Had our first experience with non US Medical Care as the whiny Captain had to have a fang extracted. Was a very Pawsitive experience. Scheduled in 2 days, facility was modern and clean, service was great, staff well qualified and professional. Best of all the cost was under $225. To make things even better, our taxi driver had my propane tank filled during the Captain’s procedure (for cooking – not anesthesia) and then on the way back to the boat took them by the pharmacy and a quick tour of the island!

After another look at the weather and options for moving south the decision was made for Karrie to fly back home before my departure as her “schedule” (dirty word when sailing) would not allow us to make the next port before she had to be back at school and work. New Plan is to depart on 8 March and head to the southern end of the Abacos and Little Harbour to stage for trip to Eleuthera.

Joyce and Brian Clark

S/V Pawsitive Latitude

+1 239 898 7646

Facebook – The Saga of S/V Pawsitive Latitude




3 thoughts on “Patience Is The Word of the Month

  1. Meeting the 🐾 Pawsitive Latitude family was one of the best surprises in our entire trip sailing from Brazil to the USA. And they’re sailing from USA to Brazil!
    It will be a pleasure meeting you in our country!
    Fair winds friends!
    Mauro and Lucia
    SV Prix

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so wonderful to meet you and your wonderful family! We hope the trip to USA was good and that y’all enjoyed Disney! We cannot wait to meet again in Brazil! Happy Sailing friends!
      The Clark’s
      SV Pawsitive Latitude


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